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This page contains the bio information for each of the main characters. Use this if you're new to the comic strip.


Doug is a zany guy. His overactive imagination and copious amounts of free time not only means he imagines he’s inside many games, it also gets him to be very philosophical to the point of stupidity about games.


He’s been best friends with Steve since childhood. Some might say they spend too much time together, but nothing is more important to Doug than friendship. Well, except maybe games, and his computer, and technology, and…


Doug can act very crazy sometimes. An example is that he bought a box with a green X on it claiming it to be an Xbox.


Steve appears to be serious and unemotional, but in reality he’s down to earth. Something noticeable about Steve is that he rarely removes his hands from his pockets; although it is probable that he just likes resting his hands in his pockets.


He’s married to Becky, a woman who he adores, and even though he spends more time with Doug, and on games, he does cherish her.


Steve is usually quiet; he is also quite smart and very sensible. But then again it is possible his sensible part is now slowly being replaced with a crazier demeanour due to Doug.


Becky is a talkative, easily pissed individual. She’s attractive and prefers comfort over fashion. She is not laid back though.


She’s Steve’s wife, and she loves her husband, although she once thought her husband was childish for playing games, she has since given them a try for her husband.  Now ever since then she’s become hooked and is obsessed with them, even more so than her husband.


She’s now becoming a true hardcore gamer, and while she may already be one, the road to hardcore gaming is long… or maybe being obsessed with games is good enough, I don’t know.


Tod once was a Tails Doll who was summoned due to a curse when Doug played Sonic R. But after running into a Sega employee who performed an exorcism to dispel the copyright infringing character, he was resurrected into the body of a Teddy bear.


Now that he has shed his original body, and also wields the power that the Necronomicon has bestowed upon him, he has decided to spend his free time ruining the lives of mortals by trolling people over the internet. Although he's now living in Hell, Michigan.


His powers are potentially limitless, but due to his overwhelming laziness, he’s yet to demonstrate many.


The creator of this comic strip who is a genius in reality and within his own comic book world has omnipotent godlike powers. He has also claimed to have both a god complex and extreme delusions of grandeur. Whether or not he has these are up to you to decide, just know that he is NOT Doug nor Steve nor the Teddy bear, he is in fact himself. He is in his own webcomic series so as to make sure that no one confuses him with his characters, and also probably because of his extreme vanity and lack of funniness.


Doug's girlfriend, and general psychopath. The only reason her and Doug are still together is because they're both equally as crazy, although April is more homicidal in her craziness. She knows cheat codes that work in real life, and sometimes uses them to make life easier.


Recently she has been trying to make it as a Youtuber, by undertaking ridiculously hard challenges and then changing the rules immediately in order to make them easy while retaining the bragging rights someone would normally get for completing such a challenge. If you think it doesn’t count, don’t worry, she knows it doesn’t.