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Comic 103 - A Mansion with Tentacles

Posted on Wednesday, the 9th of July at 12:00 AM, 2014 in 2014

Author Notes:

DanVzare Wed, 9. Jul 12:00 AM, 2014 edit delete
I'm surprised that part was never censored by Nintendo. You'd kinda think it would've been, what with Nintendo being Japanese and all.
Ah well.

For those of you who don't understand what's going on. This comic strip is based on Maniac Mansion. The first point and click adventure game ever made, and Lucas Arts, second ever Adventure game. Day of the Tentacle is it's sequel, although that wasn't made until six years later.
It didn't occur to me until recently, that when you play that Tentacle Mating Call and Green Tentacle kills you, he's killing you by... well, you know.
When I was younger, I suppose I just always sorta assumed that he was getting angry because of you playing The Tentacle Mating Call, and that he clobbered you to death.
Still, Maniac Mansion is probably the first game ever to reference Hentai. And if you don't know what Hentai is, DON'T LOOK IT UP!
I mean that, don't. Just don't.

I remember the first time I played Maniac Mansion...
I thought it was a joke game within Day of the Tentacle. I mean, you couldn't even get into the mansion!
Although several years later, I finally figured out, that the key was under the door mat. Although I didn't manage to complete Maniac Mansion until I got a walkthrough for it, and completed the fan-made Deluxe version. Still, it was a great game, and I'm now practically a walking talking walkthrough of the entire game. Yeah, I pretty much memorized it all.
Talking about Day of the Tentacle. It took me nearly a decade to finish that game. I was stuck on the puzzle where you had to swap mattresses (I didn't know how you could swap the mattresses, despite trying to do it constantly). I didn't use a walkthrough at all.
My parents didn't get the internet until about eight years ago I think, probably not even that! And I completed Day of the Tentacle shortly after getting the internet for the first time. But I didn't use a walkthrough. I just got lucky, and managed to get past that one puzzle. I had pretty much figured out every other puzzle already, so the rest of the game was completed in under an hour.
So yeah, I may be slow, but I'm definitely persistent.
Mind you, I probably would've never gotten to that puzzle, had it not been for my Sister and Dad also playing the game. We all pretty much helped each other on it.
Ah, good times.

And since I'm talking about Adventure Games. I want to tell you that I've been playing Adventure Games recently. I've just completed the first Deponia game, and before that I completed Jolly Rover.
They're both very fun games. Jolly Rover is quite short, and the game is quite easy, but the story is nice (although the ending falls a bit flat), and the characters are loveable. I'd very much like to play the planned sequel, but they won't make it until they sell more.
As for Deponia, that game is a lot longer than I thought it would be. It's probably twice as long as Jolly Rover, if not longer. The story was interesting, and I loved the main character. The designs of everything was also pretty cool.
The game was a bit difficult in places though. Sometimes I had no idea what it was I was supposed to be doing. I mean, I knew what I wanted to accomplish, but I had no idea what I was able to do, was supposed to help me accomplish that. A good example would be when I could tell the miners what to blow up. I had no idea what it was for or what it was supposed to do. But I manged to figure out when I noticed someone was no longer where they were usually. And then I realized the very subtle hint I was given much earlier.
I must admit, I did spend a lot of that game, trying every single possibility, due to being completely lost. That extra difficulty is probably what made it so long. But I think it was all worth it in the end. That ending, while it wasn't a full ending, was definitely a great ending (much better than the ending to Jolly Rover). And I can't wait to play the sequels.
Also those Huzzah Songs are just brilliant. Although don't look them up if you plan to play the game. They will probably spoil the story for you.
I mean that. If you plan to play the game at any point, DO NOT LOOK UP THOSE SONGS!

Wow, I sure have talked a lot this time haven't I. And it hasn't even been a rant either. That's got to be a new record for me.
If anyone has read all of this, thanks for reading, and drop a comment below.