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Comic 120 - Going Postal with Hatred

Posted on Tuesday, the 4th of November at 11:00 PM, 2014 in 2014

Author Notes:

DanVzare Tue, 4. Nov 11:00 PM, 2014 edit delete
Now before anyone comments by saying that Postal was funny and Hatred is not, I'd just like to point out that the original Postal was actually rather serious. The sequels, and the movie were funny (by the way, that movie is probably the only decent Uwe Boll film you'll ever see), and I must admit I wouldn't like Postal had it never gone in the direction of being funny. But the point still remains that something like that still did good enough to get two sequels and a movie. So does this mean that Hatred could also be successful? I doubt it, but if we can learn anything from the past, it's not to pass judgement this soon.

I've heard a lot of people complain about just how awful the trailer to this game is. I've watched it, and I honestly can't see what's wrong. If anything, I actually find it a little funny.
I know why other people find it wrong (I've read a lot about the reasons), but the fact is, I just don't mind it. Maybe I'm just really good at distinguishing the difference between fantasy and reality. Then again, it could also be just because I'm British, and we don't have gun wielding maniacs around here.
If it was real,I'd be horrified. But... well... it's not. It's just a game. At least it's not as bad as all of those racist war games going about nowadays, or those World War 2 war games which practically romanticizes the horrors of that dreadful war. Now those games are sickening (and yet shamefully I've still played them.)
Man, my morals and ethics must be really messed up.

Overall, it's clearly obvious even to me, that they're just trying to make their game as controversial as possible to get some free press for their crappy game. I suspect the game will be about as entertaining as E.T. for the Atari (and having played that game, I can tell you that would be about five minutes, or roughly one full round).

What I'm curious about though, is whether or not this game will sell. Sure, a lot of people are complaining about it and saying they would never buy it. But those are the extroverts! The introverts usually don't comment. And if all of the comments about how the first Equestria Girls movie was apprently utter crap, but the poll following it showed how the majority liked it, proved anything, it's that comments don't mean anything.
So yeah, I'm curious to see how well this game will do.

Now, before I wrap this up. I'd like to calm anyone who thinks that this game is going to somehow ruin the video game industry or whatever. Sure it's violent and all that crap which the media likes to pull on, and it makes a pretty decent target. But nothing will ever come of that. Games are made by the industry, and the government likes to help the industry. Censoring games wouldn't help industries like Rockstar which help boost the economy. If violent video games were getting banned, then the economy would suffer, and no government wants that. So in short, while there might one day be some mild censoring (and in many ways there already is), you'll never see violent video games getting downright banned (or at least not any by a major company). It just won't happen. Just like how cigarettes will never really get banned (and if they do, I suspect it wouldn't last long).

Also why can't they just stop with the mass murder simulators and make a serial killer simulato! Now that's a game I'd like to play. Planning, killing, disposing, lying. Now that would be fun.