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Comic 125 - Free stuff is expensive

Posted on Tuesday, the 9th of December at 11:00 PM, 2014 in 2014

Author Notes:

DanVzare Tue, 9. Dec 11:00 PM, 2014 edit delete
For the record, you can quite easily get through life only ever playing free games, and never pay a penny. Sure, there are a lot of Pay2Play games, but there are a lot of legitimately free games. Most roguelikes are a good example, and almost every game made with AGS is free to download on that website (there's some pretty high quality ones as well).

As for games where you have to practically pay to play the game. Well, I honestly don't see why anyone ever would do that. It's not like you own the stuff you buy in the game, so to me it's just a waste of money. It's also one of the main reason why I don't play MMORPG's (or buy DLC), since you have to pay a subscription fee. The other main reason is because I prefer to play games with people I know sitting right beside me, and not with total strangers online (let alone thousands of them).

I suppose that in many ways, this is just one of those jokes you've got to make. Especially with some of the prices out there for the things in those games.
What I find amazing though, is that clearly people are actually paying those prices, otherwise those games wouldn't be so well known.