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Comic 126 - This isn't the time to use that!

Posted on Tuesday, the 16th of December at 11:00 PM, 2014 in 2014

Author Notes:

DanVzare Tue, 16. Dec 11:00 PM, 2014 edit delete
A Pokemon quote for a comic based on Once Upon a Time, that's got to be a whole new low for me.
But I don't do many comics based on TV shows, so I'm sure you can excuse this one time.
If you haven't watched Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 10 and 11, and you plan to, don't read further since you'll likely encounter spoilers. Ye 'ave been warned!

Now if you've watched the episode you might say "Well there was a good reason why Emma told Elsa not to use her magic, it might have caused a cave-in!" To which I say... I doubt it. As a matter of fact, it clearly didn't, and if it did, she would've just blasted that stuff away too. Honestly, Emma was just stalling so Rumpelstiltskin could enact his plan.

Moving on from that tid-bit of info. While watching this episode, I actually thought of how I would've handled everything. I would've taken everyone's heart out, since you can't hate or love someone when you don't have a heart, and I would've killed the snow queen just to spite her (just in case my plan with removing hearts didn't work). I'd be able to say to her "Well your plan may have succeeded, but you'll never get to see it follow through!"
What's remarkable though, is that removing the hearts would've worked, and killing her was all you needed to do to stop the whole ordeal anyway.
Soooooo, apparently playing all of those adventure games must be paying off. I managed to figure out the best ways out of an impossible situation on a TV Series that arbitrarily makes up its own rules. High five!