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Comic 137 - Where am I

Posted on Tuesday, the 3rd of March at 11:00 PM, 2015 in 2015

Author Notes:

DanVzare Tue, 3. Mar 11:00 PM, 2015 edit delete
Yet another Dwarf Fortress comics. It's quite obvious I like the game, isn't it?

Also, this comic isn't an exaggeration, you can pretty much have this exact conversation with anyone. If you announce who you are, and then ask where you are, no one will be able to tell you, but if you ask what place this is, then they'll be able to tell you that. Basically, they have no idea where you are, but they know what the location is surrounding them. Which is dumb... and is just one of the many reason I love Dwarf Fortress.

Also, if you're wondering what I've been doing for the past week, I'll tell you. :D
I've been playing The Sims 2. The problem is, I like to make comics based on games I'm currently playing on, and it's not easy making comics based on The Sims (mostly because every funny idea about The Sims has already been made into a comic). As such, I'll have to actually start thinking of completely original ideas!!! Not as though that's a bad thing (heh heh)... I'll probably just end up digging into my list of unused ideas though.