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Comic 143 - You can't escape if you're lost

Posted on Wednesday, the 15th of April at 12:00 AM, 2015 in 2015

Author Notes:

DanVzare Wed, 15. Apr 12:00 AM, 2015 edit delete
I actually came up with the idea for this comic last year, but it's taken me this long to figure out how to lay it out as a proper joke.

Also, I know why the place on this game is so poorly designed, and it's because it's randomly generated. But it's still pretty ridiculous. I mean how on earth do new employees get around if the closest thing you've got to a map is a PDA with a shorter battery life than the average phone? You'd think they'd at least have maps of some sort!
I don't know how many times I've not known if I'm backtracking or not. I wonder if it would be possible to have accurate maps be generated with the level, and plastered over the walls.

Also, if you haven't noticed yet. I rather like making comics of horror games. They're just so easy to make jokes about, because they require such ridiculous amounts of suspension of disbelief. Surprisingly, the only horror game which I think is the most believable (which is Lakeview Cabin Collection), is also clearly the most ridiculous. Although I think that's because you can do pretty much whatever you want on that game.

You see, on most horror games. You're extremely limited on something utterly stupid that shouldn't be a limiting factor, and is only a limiting factor to make the game more horrifying. A good example is the fact that you're carrying a camera around on Slender: The Arrival (a camera without night vision no less), and another good example is the inability to leave your chair on Five Nights at Freddy's.
On Lakeview Cabin though, you can pretty much do what you want. You want to ride that motorbike? Then do it! You want to set that petrol alight? Then do it! You want to push the villain into the wood chipper? Then do it!
The thing is, since it doesn't limit you, you can pretty much do things which just seem utterly ridiculous, such as throwing your dog in the wood chipper, and throwing your friends off the dock to break their legs followed by killing them by repeatedly throwing underpants at them.
But if you think about it, anything stupid that happens in Lakeview Cabin, happens because YOU wanted to do it. But anything stupid that happens in any other horror game, is because the game maker thought it would be more scary (instead all it does is make the game less fun).

And that is why I like (and find it so easy) to poke fun at horror games. And why I love Lakeview Cabin so much, that I'm basically advertising it again.


Ahno Neemus Sat, 30. Jan 6:45 PM, 2021 edit delete reply
In scp containment breach, you don't actually play as an employee, you play as a D-class, death row crminals used as test subjects.
DanVzare Mon, 1. Feb 1:31 PM, 2021 edit delete reply
Yeah. I know that. I've played the game.
If you look at the outfit, he's clearly wearing a prison uniform.
The comment at the end, is just him pointing out that a new employee would get hopelessly lost, as the layout makes no sense and there's no maps.