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Comic 157 - For Democracy

Posted on Wednesday, the 15th of July at 12:00 AM, 2015 in 2015

Author Notes:

DanVzare Wed, 15. Jul 12:00 AM, 2015 edit delete
I've never played this game, but I like to imagine that the trailer started with the words "In a world where people only wear black and yellow."

Also I'd like to give a big thank you to Moonsaber over on deviantART, who helped me write the script for this comic strip. If it wasn't for him, this particular comic strip wouldn't exist. I've never even played this game, so he was a LOT of help in writing this. Not only that, but I really wanted to make a comic strip about a sci-fi game to counteract all of the comic strips I've been making about fantasy games lately (mostly Dwarf Fortress). So thank you Moonsaber.