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Comic 169 - A Manly Bieber

Posted on Wednesday, the 7th of October at 12:00 AM, 2015 in 2015

Author Notes:

DanVzare Wed, 7. Oct 12:00 AM, 2015 edit delete
For the record, I love the character Duke Nukem. He's hilarious, and it's a shame he'll probably never get another game.
I just had to make this comparison though, simply because it was just too stupid and funny to pass up.

Also, because this is slightly relevant. Have you ever noticed how people seem to misuse the word misogynistic, when what they actually mean is chauvinistic?
Someone who is misogynistic, hates women. They're the type that would beat up women. Someone who is chauvinistic, doesn't like others entering their group. They're the kind that would say "Bros before hoes".
It's mildly annoying then someone is trying to come across as a pompous smug smartarse, and then confuses those two words together. Only mildly annoying though. I still get way more annoyed when someone confuses "your" and "you're".