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Comic 176 - Old Fashion Gameplay

Posted on Tuesday, the 24th of November at 11:00 PM, 2015 in 2015

Author Notes:

DanVzare Tue, 24. Nov 11:00 PM, 2015 edit delete
I've literally seen people talking not only on Youtube videos, but also on forum threads, complaining about the dated gameplay of old JRPGs.
And these exact same people, are also usually the same ones that absolutely love Pokemon and play every single Pokemon game that comes out.
I honestly can't be the only person who has noticed this hypocrisy.

Me, personally, I love old JRPGs, the random encounters, the turn based combat, and all the other stuff that comes with them.


1412 Wed, 25. Nov 5:15 AM, 2015 edit delete reply
Oh hey, on that note Undertale is a thing. Seen it?
DanVzare Wed, 25. Nov 2:47 PM, 2015 edit delete reply
Yep, I've heard of Undertale. I watched a review of it on Youtube a few weeks ago, and watched another one just an hour ago. I've also been hearing about it non-stop on the internet.

I'm really going to have to see about playing it.
1412 Mon, 30. Nov 11:27 AM, 2015 edit delete reply
Yeah I recommend it! Although having it spoiled kind of ruins the experience, so I would recommend not spoiling it for yourself.