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Comic 206 - I Told You So

Posted on Wednesday, the 22nd of June at 12:00 AM, 2016 in 2016

Author Notes:

DanVzare Wed, 22. Jun 12:00 AM, 2016 edit delete
This is a follow-up of a comic strip I made two years ago. And that reason why he thought the film was going to be bad, was more or less Ben Affleck being cast as Batman. Although let's face it, that whole film had failure written all over it.

I mean just look at the film that came before it. Man of Steel was mediocre garbage. And the director Zack Snyder, only became popular because he once directed a remake of Dawn of the Dead. That's right, his popularity came from remaking what most people would consider to be the best "of the Dead" film to date. And of course, it was a crappy remake as well, since it replaced the classic slow moving zombies, with the fast sprinting ones.

Not only that, but they were clearly making a Superman film, and just putting Batman into it in the hopes that since there have been plenty of good Batman films but no good Superman films, then perhaps a Superman film with Batman in it, will turn out to be a good film.
Clearly it didn't work.

Unlike Marvel, DC Comics is making every wrong decision they can with these films. And while I would definitely call myself a Marvel fanboy, I do like DC Comics. Just look at the TV Shows! The DC Comics TV Shows are waaaaaaay better than the tripe Marvel comes out with. And that includes Agents of Shield, Daredevil, and especially Jessica Jones.
So me saying that DC Comics is completely failing in the movie industry, isn't just me being a Marvel fanboy. They are failing.

Although just you wait for Suicide Squad.
I'm holding onto a faint glimmer of hope that it might be good. But it's hard to hold onto any kind of hope, when the developers clearly don't have any at all.
You see, they hired Will Smith.
Now Will Smith is a good actor and all. I like him. But if there's one thing I know, it's that you are unlikely to make a profit if you hire Will Smith, due to the sheer amount he costs. So the only reason anyone would hire Will Smith, is if they don't think anyone would see the film, and thus they believe that the only way to get it popular enough is through star power.
If that's what they think, then it's hard to have confidence for that film. But hey I could be wrong. Maybe Will Smith lowered his costs recently.

Sorry for the rant. I just really want to see DC Comics succeed in the movie industry. But they're just failing so horribly. So very horribly.
At least we've got the Arrowverse right. Which if you think about it, is kind of like the modern live-action version of the DC Animated Universe. So that's nice.