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Comic 235 - Easily Forgotten

Posted on Tuesday, the 10th of January at 11:00 PM, 2017 in 2017

Author Notes:

DanVzare Tue, 10. Jan 11:00 PM, 2017 edit delete
I understand that sometimes a gimmick can become a very useful feature that grows in popularity until it becomes commonplace. Like the analog sticks. But most of the time all game developers treat it like a gimmick, so no one ever wants to use the bloody thing. Innovation for the sake of innovation is not a good thing.

And while the sixaxis thing is not only easily ignored, it's also been downright forgotten. I mean seriously, how many games use that thing?

As for the touchpad. Sony ruined the design of the PS controller, for something that isn't as easy to ignore as the sixaxis thing, but that is being forgotten just as quickly. I honestly can't think of a game where I've had to use it. Or even want to use it for that matter.

At least it's not as bad as the sixaxis thing, but with how much it ruined the controller, it may as well be. No longer is the start button and select button in easy to reach and memorable locations, that you won't accidentally press.

When will console manufacturers realize that no one chooses a console over another based on the damn gimmicks!
And when will they realize that if the other consoles don't have those gimmicks, then the games which are ported to all consoles, won't use them!