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Comic 236 - So Much Space

Posted on Tuesday, the 17th of January at 11:00 PM, 2017 in 2017

Author Notes:

DanVzare Tue, 17. Jan 11:00 PM, 2017 edit delete
As a follow up to my last comic, I present to you a gimmick that actually evolved beyond being a simple gimmick.

Let's face it, everyone saw the potential that CDs had with their huge storage capacity. But it's amazing how terribly that space was used back when it first came out.

They had all that extra space, and what did they use it for? Movies and music. What makes it worse, is that the movies were usually terrible because these were game companies not movie studios, and the music... well that wasn't bad, but also hardly worth it. Music module files could give near CD quality music while using nearly the same amount of space as a MIDI. So what was the point.

They could have used all of this extra space for graphics, levels, or even voice overs!
But nope, movies and music. As a matter of fact, they loved the movie concept so much, they made a whole genre around it.
What a waste of space.

And yeah, I know they only have so much time for graphics and levels and so on, but you'd be amazed at how much content used to be cut back then due to space constraints. While you probably wouldn't be able to full a CD with just graphics and levels, you'd certainly be able to put in a lot more than you normally would without a CD.

It wasn't until 3D games came out, that they actually started to use the space in an intelligent manner.

Saying all this though, I suppose it does bring up the question. What overlooked gimmicks that have been treated as such, were actually groundbreaking innovations that have now been lost because developers didn't utilize them and as such everyone hated them?
Could the sixaxis have been one?
I doubt it, but the question still stands.
After all, if it wasn't for all the extra space that textures and 3D models (and not to mention voice overs) took, I doubt CDs would have ever taken off.