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Comic 290 - Gambling for Kids

Posted on Tuesday, the 30th of January at 11:00 PM, 2018 in 2018

Author Notes:

DanVzare Tue, 30. Jan 11:00 PM, 2018 edit delete
It's been a hot topic as of late, are lootboxes gambling?

I personally think they are. Of course that also means trading cards are gambling, since the two are almost identical. I mean, they could release a new YuGiOh game with lootboxes that give you cards, and it would function exactly like a booster pack.

And what's worse, while I think lootboxes should be monitored or outright banned, I can't say the same for trading cards, despite not being able to find any meaningful distinctions between the two.

This is all pales in comparison to penny pushers though. There is no denying that those are gambling, since they don't even have the minimum payout excuse that lootboxes and trading cards have. Yet there are no age restrictions on those things. And considering there are ten pence penny pushing machines, which you can easily sink a lot of money into, and which often rewards you with twenty pound notes. Well... if those things aren't considered gambling in the eyes of the law, what chances do we have that lootboxes will be considered gambling in the future?

As long as it keeps the kiddies out of the grown-ups club, I don't think anyone cares what's considered gambling. At least no one who matters that is.