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Comic 291 - Mystery of the Pockets

Posted on Tuesday, the 6th of February at 11:00 PM, 2018 in 2018

Author Notes:

DanVzare Tue, 6. Feb 11:00 PM, 2018 edit delete
I don't know what Doug is thinking of, but it's probably not the correct answer.


Paul Fri, 23. Feb 1:05 PM, 2018 edit delete reply

1. He has poor blood circulation in his arms so his hands get cold easily.
2. He has no hands.
3. His trousers will fall down unless he keeps holding them up.
4. Self defense. He has guns in his pockets, and he isn't happy to see you.
DanVzare Tue, 27. Feb 1:51 PM, 2018 edit delete reply
Those are some of the best answers I have ever read!