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Comic 303 - The Colour of Space

Posted on Wednesday, the 2nd of May at 12:00 AM, 2018 in 2018

Author Notes:

DanVzare Wed, 2. May 12:00 AM, 2018 edit delete
I know that space isn't completely pitch black, as you have nebulae and so on. But the entirety of No Man's Sky seems to take place in a brightly lit nebula.

Sure it makes it look pretty, but it completely ruins the experience. Why? Because you can't even see the damn stars!
An update added filters, one of which gives the whole screen a sort of black and white-ish look. And with it on, you can actually see the stars! Sure those stars seem to be behind fog... in space. But you can actually see stars, and it makes the game feel so much better. But then you land on a planet which turns out to be a burning ball of bright white light, so you turn off the filter, just so you can actually see something other than white.

I've never played a game before, where I wanted controls to change the contrast. But I'm telling you, No Man's Sky is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too colourful. And this is coming from someone who thinks most games aren't colourful enough. I wonder if the creators were all colour blind or something.

As for gameplay. I heard that with the recent updates, the game is a lot better. It isn't. The part where Doug says he walked for four hours straight just to get to space, is exactly what happened to me at the start of the game. And there was no way to speed it up. The game is boring, because there's nothing to do, and no reason to do anything that you can do. It's like playing Minecraft, but during your entire playthrough, all you ever do is travel from location to location. Slowly... while walking... and occasionally picking things up to keep you walking.

On that topic, your spaceship runs out of fuel every two seconds. You're constantly having to stop to refuel it, even while traveling in SPACE!!!
If cars were as fuel inefficient as the ships in this game, you'd have a petrol station every hundred meters. And the reason why the ships are this fuel inefficient, is because that's the whole game. To slow you down, because all you ever do is go from A to B.

And even with the sandbox mode enabled, there's still nothing worthwhile to do, because the whole game is built around traveling, and traveling is in of itself, boring. Even the limited base building is boring, because like I said, the whole game is built from the ground up, to be based around travelling, which is incredibly boring!

You know what would have made this game a whole lot better?
Having an actually big spaceship, that you could wander around while it's zooming along in space, and that you could customize, along with an autopilot. And a ship that didn't run out of fuel every two seconds. And space that actually looks like space, and planets that don't look like they all take place in the land of Oz. And finally, a more zoomed out field of view so you can actually see what's to the side of you or even a third person view (they did add FOV options, but it barely does anything).

In short, I've just described Starbound. Which is basically a 2D version of what this game should have been.
I don't care what anyone says, don't buy No Man's Sky. Just download Elite 2 if you want a Space Sim, since that game is actually a lot more fun despite its age. I'm not kidding, play Elite 2, it's a decent game. Slow, but worthwhile. And it actually has space that looks like space, reasonable fuel consumption, and an auto-ish pilot. Or play Starbound, which is more akin to what people who got No Man's Sky were probably expecting.