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Comic 318 - Arguing on the Internet

Posted on Wednesday, the 15th of August at 12:00 AM, 2018 in 2018

Author Notes:

DanVzare Wed, 15. Aug 12:00 AM, 2018 edit delete
You ever had this happen to you?
How do you admit to that person that you're wrong, without dragging the argument back from the dead again?
Ah well, I guess no one on the internet ever admits they're wrong anyway. So what's the point.

Moving on from that though, onto something a bit more unrelated. Don't you hate it when if you dislike a game, and that game is known for being difficult, then everyone will automatically presume that you dislike it because you need to "git gud"? I hate that. I never dislike games because they're too difficult. I dislike them because they're bad games.
Heck, most of the time, those games aren't even difficult!

I've enjoyed games that are way too difficult for me to play properly! (Rogue Legacy, Cuphead.) I'm complaining about this so-called difficult game because it's a downright terrible game!
So annoying.