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Comic 345 - Marriage

Posted on Tuesday, the 19th of February at 11:00 PM, 2019 in 2019

Author Notes:

DanVzare Tue, 19. Feb 11:00 PM, 2019 edit delete
This is the last comic about genders, I promise.
It's just such an easy target. But even I'm getting sick of them, so I'm going to try and stick with just video games for a short while.

I actually looked up a list of genders for this comic, so those Xoy and Juxera genders, are actual genders real people identify as. I looked for the weirdest names I could, most of them contained either the word "gender" or the word "fluid". (I honestly wouldn't be surprised if correctionalfluid was a gender)
What's really funny though, is the descriptions of Xoy and Juxera. Xoy is basically a boy who doesn't want to be called a boy. There's even a female alternative, that I think was called a Xirl. Similarly, Juxera is a girl who doesn't want to be called a girl, but not in the same way as a Xirl. There's even a male version of Juxera, but I can't for the life of me remember what that one was called.

It's really quite stupid, and makes me think that most people find the entire concept as ludicrous as I do.
Either that, or we've got some really REALLY stupid attention-seeking people out there. But I'm an optimist.

No offense intended to anyone who reads this comic, and identifies as one of those genders.


Geeky Meerkat Thu, 21. Feb 7:42 AM, 2019 edit delete reply
I don't mind the gender comics. I've actually encountered people that identify as a gender other than male/female. Not all of them are like how this comic depicts, but there are some.

For the most part, transgender people seem fine with being identified as the classic gender (male/female) that they attempt to present themselves as. Those that don't more often than not seem like the sort that just want to argue with people willing to argue back with them.
DanVzare Mon, 25. Feb 1:56 PM, 2019 edit delete reply
I love wholesome comments like this. :)