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Comic 347 - Wait for it

Posted on Tuesday, the 5th of March at 11:00 PM, 2019 in 2019

Author Notes:

DanVzare Tue, 5. Mar 11:00 PM, 2019 edit delete
See, this is why you sometimes need to rethink game mechanics when making a game multiplayer.

Even I could have thought of a few possible solutions. Here they are:
Slow down time within a certain radius or for everyone involved in the encounter.
Take out the percentages, and just have VATS be an auto-lock on mechanic that lasts for as long as you have AP.
Pre-set VATS to attack certain body-parts when at certain percentages, then just click the button and it'll fire automatically if those criteria are met, or do nothing.

And that's just what I came up myself! A team of experienced developers should be able to come up with a lot more, and a lot better ways to handle VATS in an online environment.

Also, at this rate, I think the missing at 95% joke, has become a running gag in my comic.