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Comic 352 - Shitebound: Part 1

Posted on Wednesday, the 10th of April at 12:00 AM, 2019 in 2019

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DanVzare Wed, 10. Apr 12:00 AM, 2019 edit delete
That's right, I haven't stopped ripping on Starbound.
The game got updated into shit, so I'm going to make sure everyone knows it, by explaining in detail what my experience was like.

So to explain this. At the start, there's a nice little mine where you can find a bunch of stuff, most notably the core fragments you need for the teleporter. But if you go straight into it, trying to get as many core fragments as possible, you'll probably die very quickly (unless you've mastered the combat from playing before). If you want to get through it all without dying every five minutes, you'll need to at least first make yourself some somewhat decent equipment and take it slow going through the cave. If you play it properly, you should get those fragments within an hour, but if you're trying to rush, it'll take you considerably longer.

But you're wanting to get those core fragments quickly, so you can fix your ship and get into the meat of the game! And surely those twenty core fragments are all that stands between you and your ability to explore the universe... right? RIGHT!?!


Guest Fri, 12. Apr 8:44 AM, 2019 edit delete reply
IMO there is one thing above all else that stands out as bad about what became of Starbound. I encourage you to do a google image search for "Starbound Base" and compare the results to a search for "Terraria Base" and you be the judge of who in general has the more impressive bases.
DanVzare Mon, 15. Apr 10:45 AM, 2019 edit delete reply
Yep, I must admit. The people on Starbound show way more creativity.

But that just highlights my main problem with Starbound. That is that Starbound has a sandbox in it, but it clearly isn't the focus. While for Terraria, clearly the sandbox is the focus, and this is made clear with how impressive people's Terraria bases are.