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Comic 360 - Any landing you can walk away from

Posted on Wednesday, the 5th of June at 12:00 AM, 2019 in 2019

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DanVzare Wed, 5. Jun 12:00 AM, 2019 edit delete
Surely I can't be the only one who had this problem with almost every single flight simulator?
Also, don't ask why I've played several flight simulators, despite not liking the genre.


Geeky Meerkat Wed, 5. Jun 9:33 AM, 2019 edit delete reply
Don't need to ask. Games like GTA5 insist on putting in mandatory flight sims that have the exact same problems as all other flight sims.
DanVzare Wed, 5. Jun 4:29 PM, 2019 edit delete reply
I remember GTA3 having that problem (to the point where I couldn't even get the plane off the runway), but I figured they would've made it much easier in the later installments. I thought they would've made it something like how it is on Saints Row. I'm surprised they didn't.

(Also yes, I haven't played GTA 4 or 5 yet. Mostly because I thought that Saints Row had already perfected the genre.)