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Comic 376 - Endangered

Posted on Wednesday, the 25th of September at 5:54 PM, 2019 in 2019

Author Notes:

DanVzare Wed, 25. Sep 5:54 PM, 2019 edit delete
So apparently Minecraft is popular again. As such, I had to make another Minecraft comic.
Let's face it, whether you like Minecraft or not, you've got to admit that it's the Doom of this generation with how popular it is.

Personally, I like Minecraft. I think it's a good game. I'm not sure how I feel about some of the changes it has had recently. And I'm definitely not a fan of the over-commercialization of the game (which is unusual, since I usually like over-commercialization of my favourite stuff), but overall, I do like Minecraft. Even if it's an unpopular opinion to say that now.

Also I keep forgetting to upload my comics the day before, so as to get it online at the start of Wednesday. I've really been dropping the ball this year.


Geeky Meerkat Thu, 26. Sep 10:58 PM, 2019 edit delete reply
I actually think the current popular opinion to say you like it while claiming that it's unpopular to say you like it.

You aren't the only person to express an opinion as you did, and clearly the game IS popular right now. So ya, people just want to appear hipster... gosh DanVzare, when did you become a hipster? :P
DanVzare Tue, 1. Oct 4:05 PM, 2019 edit delete reply
Oh fuck! You're right!
I just did a hipster thing!
I've become one of the things I hate most!

But yeah, you're right. It's definitely become popular to say "I like the game even though it's unpopular to say so" despite the game obviously being quite popular.
And now I feel like a complete and total idiot for having not realized that sooner.
So if you could please shoot me, that would be much appreciated. :)