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Comic 388 - Beep Beep I'm a

Posted on Tuesday, the 10th of December at 11:00 PM, 2019 in 2019

Author Notes:

DanVzare Tue, 10. Dec 11:00 PM, 2019 edit delete
Is this edgy? Does this count as edgy? Or is this anti-edgy? Edgy on edgy if you will.
Whatever it is, credit goes to BlondBraid who suggested I make a comic about rebel consumerism.

I would love to make the t-shirt in this comic, into an actual t-shirt design. But I'm worried people won't notice the irony in it. Am I using the word "irony" correctly? Probably not.


Geeky Meerkat Thu, 12. Dec 7:05 AM, 2019 edit delete reply
The most ironic thing about irony is that even with a clear example of it there will be someone that says "That's actually ironic."
Geeky Meerkat Thu, 12. Dec 7:06 AM, 2019 edit delete reply
"That's not actually ironic" even. Sadly can't go back and edit posts.