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Comic 399 - Fandoms

Posted on Tuesday, the 25th of February at 11:00 PM, 2020 in 2020

Author Notes:

DanVzare Tue, 25. Feb 11:00 PM, 2020 edit delete
Happy birthday dad!
He'll never see this message, since he doesn't read my comics. But It's not often my comic upload lands on his birthday, so I'm making use of it while I can.

So yeah, religions are basically just officially recognised fandoms.
They tick off all of the boxes. Including picking and choosing parts of the sources materials that help their argument. And trust me, if you've ever talked to a Dragon Ball fan, then you'll know exactly what I mean when I say picking and choosing.
And I can't be the only one who has had a whole lot of religious fanfiction pushed onto them. Is it just me, or do preachers always have a leaflet containing what is essentially their own fanfiction?
Even football fans are super annoying, what with them always being in your face about it.

See, this is why I love the Jewish! They leave me alone.
Why can't all fandoms just copy them? It would be so much nicer. Mostly for me.