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Comic 421 - Best laid plans

Posted on Wednesday, the 29th of July at 12:00 AM, 2020 in 2020

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DanVzare Wed, 29. Jul 12:00 AM, 2020 edit delete
Out of all of the Dragon Quest games which I've played (I completed the first six games last month, and only completed the seventh game this month), I feel as though Dragon Quest II is the one which is most in need of a modern remake.

Quite simply, Dragon Quest II is the worst game in the series. But it has so much potential! Not only that, but everything you need to make a great game is already there. It's just not utilized. You've got characters and you've got the beginnings of a plot. But none of it is used! And let's not forget how the game expects you to bumble around not knowing what to do, as you try to complete obscure "puzzles". At one point, you have to search every single tile on a specific floor of a tower, and it doesn't tell you whether which floor is classified as the first floor (it sounds like it should be obvious, but trust me, it isn't) so you potentially have to check two whole floors of tiles.

Then of course there's the ridiculous difficulty spike near the end of the game. (Not as ridiculous of a difficulty spike as the mid-game boss on Dragon Quest VI, Mudo. That fight was downright impossible! But still, you get the point.)

I suppose Dragon Quest II is kinda like Final Fantasy II. Except, I'd say that Dragon Quest II is the better game of the two. But still, you get what I mean.

I will always remember the relief I felt after completing Dragon Quest II. After I got the ship, I began following a walkthrough (because there was no direction from that point onwards). I completed the game in only two days. But it was a chore. The first game was so much better, and the third game is probably the best in the entire series. But I want Dragon Quest II to be a better game!


Geeky Meerkat Fri, 31. Jul 5:58 AM, 2020 edit delete reply
In a strange way, Dragon Quest II's storyline was continued. Just play Dragon Quest Builders II.
DanVzare Mon, 10. Aug 3:30 PM, 2020 edit delete reply
Played and completed. Absolutely BRILLIANT game. It's what got me to start marathoning through all of the Dragon Quest games.