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Comic 430 - Moving too quickly

Posted on Wednesday, the 7th of October at 12:00 AM, 2020 in 2020

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DanVzare Wed, 7. Oct 12:00 AM, 2020 edit delete
Out of all of the characters in Dragon Quest. The princess on the first game is the second most memorable for me. Mostly because as a princess, she's got quite a unique character. Most princesses are either prim and proper, or complete tomboys. But Princess Gwaelin is just so... for lack of a better word, forward. And she even retains her personality in Dragon Quest Builders 1, which is nice.

My number one favourite Dragon Quest character though (and the most memorable by far), has to be Maribel from Dragon Quest VII. If you've played the game, then you probably know why.

Apart from those two characters though, I can't really think of any other characters from the main series that I found particularly memorable. The majority of characters on Dragon Quest are quite forgettable in my opinion. Maybe King Trode and Yangus deserve an honourable mention, but that's about it. Then again, I haven't played Dragon Quest 11 yet.