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Comic 462 - Wasted Day

Posted on Wednesday, the 19th of May at 12:00 AM, 2021 in 2021

Author Notes:

DanVzare Wed, 19. May 12:00 AM, 2021 edit delete
This was the fourth and final dating sim I played, it was the only one where I played as a girl trying to get a guy, and it was also the only one where I failed to win someone over by the end of the game.
I thought I had the guy, but I clearly didn't. It was by far the most complicated dating sim I played. Having to go out and buy clothes, and then choose your clothes for each date, making sure to not wear the same clothes as last time while also wearing the type of clothes that particular guy likes, and also making sure the clothes match the season and location, it's all quite difficult. It was a fun game though. I'll probably have to play it again one day to get a proper ending.

The time management was a bit too much though. Calling someone to setup a date took an entire day! In all of the other games I played, it took at most, half a day. So having to balance clothes shopping, dating, studying, and the rest of your stats, is incredibly difficult. And then on top of that, you have to check your fortune to see which stats you can safely increase on which weeks.

To anyone who thinks dating sims are just visual novels, I challenge you to play this game. It's so bloody complicated!

Oh, and two of the guys act really creepy in my opinion. Reeeeeaaaaaaallllly creepy. I almost made a comic about that. I still might one day.