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Comic 471 - It's totally different this time, I swear

Posted on Sunday, the 18th of July at 4:30 PM, 2021 in 2021

Author Notes:

DanVzare Sun, 18. Jul 4:30 PM, 2021 edit delete
This is a follow-up to one of my previous comics, where I pointed out that every two years a new device comes along where everyone is like "This is awesome!" but then it gets instantly forgotten the following year. I even predicted in the mouse-hover text on that comic, that there'd be another big thing in 2021, so here I am gloating over that fact and making the exact same prediction for 2023. (Feel free to humiliate me if I turn out to be wrong.)

So what are my thoughts on the soon-to-be-forgotten Steam Deck.
Well, I can safely say that it won't be a runaway success, that much is for certain. I don't think it will be a complete failure either. It'll definitely find it's audience, although that audience will certainly be "below expectations" for what it's worth.

For those that aren't aware, the Steam Deck is basically just a gaming laptop that looks like a Nintendo Switch. Of course, anyone who wants to play games on the go, will either already have a Nintendo Switch or a gaming laptop. So... kind of a small target audience there if you think about it. Of course, as is common with these sorts of things, it's safe to say that hardcore nerds will absolutely love playing emulators on this thing.
By the way, this isn't me making predictions. This is me quite literally remembering history, and presuming it will repeat itself... for like the fifth time in a row. If you do even some basic research on the history of consoles, you know exactly what's coming. (Speaking of which, look up the Smach Zero, it's quite literally the exact same thing as the Steam Deck.)

I guess I'll see you again in another two years, and then another two years after that where I might see about combining the three new panels with the original comic, to make a six panel comic. I guess we'll see. Who knows, maybe there won't be a revolutionary new device in two years. And to be honest, I had my doubts that anything would be announced this year, but lo-and-behold something did. At this point, it's safe to say it's as predictable as the fire-starter on Pokemon being based on a creature from the Chinese zodiac. I guess odd-numbered years are just a good time to announce hardware. Probably a marketing department thing.
And hey, the Nintendo Switch was the revolutionary new device released in 2017, and that was a success. So they aren't all failures. Only the ones from 2011 (OnLive), 2013 (Ouya), 2015 (Steam Machine), and 2019 (Google Stadia), so far... that I've counted. I wonder how back this goes? Do you think the 3DO, Jaguar, and CD-I fall under this phenomenon? (A quick look online seems to suggest that they don't.)