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Comic 476 - They do look weird

Posted on Wednesday, the 18th of August at 12:00 AM, 2021 in 2021

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DanVzare Wed, 18. Aug 12:00 AM, 2021 edit delete
A common defence I hear for that terrible Avengers game that came out a while back, was that the characters only look like weird knockoff versions of the movie characters, because we're used to the movie versions. But I stand by the fact that NO... they do indeed look like weird knockoff versions of the movie versions. A quick look at Ultimate Alliance 2 all but confirms it. But if that isn't graphical enough for you, just look at the introduction cutscene of the original Ultimate Alliance. Heck, I remember when I first played that game, being quite used to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine by the way, and thinking that Wolverine in that introduction cutscene looked absolutely awesome (I still do in fact, and I'm even more used to Hugh Jackman playing the role).

People are coming up with a defence for a terrible game, and no one is scrutinizing that defence. Because as soon as you do, you realize, they did intentionally try to make the characters look kinda like the movie versions but not quite. While Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2, instead made the characters look like the comic versions.

And if you truly, truly need more proof. Just look at Spiderman on the PS4. I don't think anyone got any kind of "weird knockoff movie version" vibes from him or the other characters in that game.

So yeah. See if your argument at least holds up to some sort of scrutiny before repeating it ad nauseam.

Also why does no one talk about Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2? While I admit that 2 was really boring for some reason that I can't put my finger on. 1 was an incredibly fun game. In fact, it's a perfect introduction to the Marvel universe, serving as quite a comprehensive crash course to all of the major characters and events.
And yes, I know there's a third game. But I've never played it, so I don't have an opinion on it yet.