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Comic 482 - Confusing Naming Convention

Posted on Wednesday, the 29th of September at 12:00 AM, 2021 in 2021

Author Notes:

DanVzare Mon, 27. Sep 7:26 PM, 2021 edit delete
When your console names are even more confusing than Atari, then you have a big problem on your hands.

Also, I'm constantly worried that I've gotten some of this information wrong, so I keep checking just to make sure, and so far, it looks like it's all correct. It's hard to believe it's correct though, considering how confusing it is!
At this rate, Microsoft will probably call their next console "The Xbox" just to cause even more confusion.
I just want to go to someone over there and shout "NUMBER THEM!"
I mean, at least give them easy to identify names. Calling it the "Xbox Series" is confusing enough as it it, but releasing two versions with the only difference in the name being either an X or an S, which both sound very similar, only adds to the confusion. Even more so when most people only talk about one version, making you question the existence of the other. It's even MORE confusing when you named your previous consoles with the same two distinguishing letters, making you wonder if one version is just the previous version!