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Comic 51 - Getting past The Wall

Posted on Wednesday, the 17th of July at 12:00 AM, 2013 in 2013

Author Notes:

DanVzare Wed, 17. Jul 12:00 AM, 2013 edit delete
I know that season of Game of Thrones has long since ended, but this has been going through my head a lot lately. Who in the right mind would go over the wall?!? Just watch the intro and you can clearly see that you can walk around it. Assuming that there’s a huge cliff on both ends, and the ocean isn't frozen over and is instead just so cold that entering it would kill you instantly. Going around it would still be safer, because you can't even see the top, even when you're high enough not to be able to see the bottom, you still can’t see the top. I'm pretty damn certain you'd be able to see the other end from the side though. I mean, how long did it take them to walk to the other end from the top? About five seconds? If they had gone around it, it would have taken them roughly the same amount of time it took to go over. Why? Because of the extra distance to walk to the edge (assuming they were in the middle), along with the extra time it would take to climb across the side. If they had gone around, it would have taken them roughly the same amount of time, with fewer casualties. Thinking about it, this is probably the reason why those wildlings have never won the Night's Watch. They’re just too damn dumb.

Also, maybe it's just me, but was Tormund just trying to find any excuse he could to get rid of Jon Snow? I mean, he was accusing him of still being with the Night's Watch left right and centre. And when Jon refused to do what he was told, they instantly turned against him. Jon Snow even said it himself, he joined them because he thought that was the better thing to do, since he thought they were going to fight against the true enemies rather than join them like the Night’s Watch seemed to be doing. He never said that he was no longer with the Night's Watch, and he most certainly never said that he was a mindless servant that was going to do everything they said. Why on earth couldn't Tormund and the other guys figure out that Jon only wanted to do the right thing! Anyway, doesn't being a wildling mean you're supposed to do what you want despite orders?
They're a bunch of hypocrites!!!

Also, if you couldn't guess, the background is just a slightly filtered image I got from the internet. I couldn't draw a decent "The Wall", so I used one I could use. The funny thing is, the picture of the wall I got, actually shows it from the southern side, not the northern side. So, they're technically on the wrong side for this comic. I thought you'd probably like that little bit of trivial knowledge.