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Comic 52 - Overpopulation

Posted on Wednesday, the 24th of July at 12:00 AM, 2013 in 2013

Author Notes:

DanVzare Wed, 24. Jul 12:00 AM, 2013 edit delete
A nice comic making fun of the way population works in Age of Empires. It seemed appropriate since Age of Empires II has recently been re-released. Although I personally think that the original Age of Empires is the best. Maybe it's the graphics, but I just think it's the most fun. If they ever make a HD version of the original Age of Empires, I hope they can keep the look of everything, because everything just looked so great. The original version of Age of Empires II tried too hard to make itself look realistic, and I think it kind of ruined the look. Mind you I haven't played the HD version, so I suspect the attempt at realistic graphics to actually work on that version. Still, when CAN I expect a HD version of the best game in the series?

I also want a HD version of the original Empire Earth, with expansion pack and all. That'd be so awesome. The sequels were just too different in terms of gameplay. The original was very similar to Age of Empires, only with epochs from the Stone Age to the Space Age.

Also, this is by far, the worst looking comic I've submitted so far. I'm really going to have to redo this one. I mean, it looks terrible!
If someone insults the way this comic strip looks, I will agree with you.

I think the problem might lie within the plain background, and the plain clothing.