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Comic 54 - Don't laugh at Windows 8

Posted on Wednesday, the 7th of August at 12:00 AM, 2013 in 2013

Author Notes:

DanVzare Wed, 7. Aug 12:00 AM, 2013 edit delete
This joke is truer than it seems. I quite literally couldn't think of a joke about Windows 8, and then it dawned on me, there's nothing funny about Windows 8. So I made this comic strip, giving the impression that you shouldn't laugh at Windows 8, but instead pity it.

Now I know some people like Windows 8, but please, don't. I'm going to look past the awful tile system (don't fix something if it ain't broke, and the start menu wasn’t broke), and I'm going to look past how slow it is (trust me, it’s nowhere near as fast as Windows 7, it's just fast because you've got a brand new computer). Instead, I'm going to look at the monopoly Microsoft is making for them selves.

You may not know this, but Windows 8 computers have something in them that makes it really hard (nearly impossible) to change the operating system to a different one. Something you may know though, is that the only things that can go on that Tile Metro Thing, are the stuff from the Windows Stores (if they've changed this, I've not heard of it). Now think about this for a moment. If they take out the desktop, Microsoft will pretty much have complete control over anything you can have on your computer. You can say goodbye to anything that goes against Microsoft. Now you may say that Microsoft wouldn't do such a thing. Well, let's not forget the camera thing they recently patented, and the stunts they tried to pull with the Xbox One.
Yeah, Windows 8 isn't just a bad operating system. It's the start of an operating system which will stop you from installing anything Microsoft doesn't approve. And due to people not leaning enough towards Windows 8, they've also made DirectX 11, only compatible with Windows 8 and above. The exact same thing they did with the god-awful Windows Vista, just to get people to switch over. So yeah, all you Windows 8 lovers out there, if what I say does come to pass and I’m no longer able to install DosBox because it’s not Microsoft approved. Then I’m blaming you!

Now the only question that remains is, how much of what I said sounds like a conspiracy theory?
Seriously, how much on the verge of extreme paranoia is everything I just said?


Vio Sun, 6. Dec 9:42 AM, 2015 edit delete reply
when i had win xp, i said i'll never switch to win 7. wich i did, and i started to like mire than xp. but to swich to win8 or win 10? no way. win 7 is good, i won't replace it because of the new fancy looks and the smiles that the guy from advertising does. don't foeget the spy.
DanVzare Tue, 8. Dec 3:17 PM, 2015 edit delete reply
While I'm most assuredly not in any rush to switch to Windows 10. I personally don't see much wrong with it. Sure it may spy on you, but then again, so does our web browser, our search engine, the websites we visit, and the software we use. In short, I've already taken plenty of measures to minimize the amount of data I send to advertising organisation (which is pretty much all that the spying does). I'm fairly sure I could add a bit more to stop Windows 10, if I ever used the operating system.

All in all though, with how good Windows 7 is, I'm most likely going to be sticking with this operating system until Windows 12 comes out, and the support for Windows 7 has been dropped completely. You know, like what happened with Windows XP.