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Comic 549 - Flinching

Posted on Wednesday, the 11th of January at 12:00 AM, 2023 in 2023

Author Notes:

DanVzare Wed, 11. Jan 12:00 AM, 2023 edit delete
This absolutely needs to be said.
A number coming out of an enemy, is NOT adequate feedback for hitting them.
Yes, it tells you that you did indeed hit them and it also tells you how much you hurt them as well, but if that is the only feedback you're giving, it makes all of the weapons feel weaker than BB guns!

Make the enemies flinch! It's not difficult! Heck, just have them be moved slightly backwards!
Good tactile feedback like that is critical to making a game feel fun.

Never rely on GUI elements to relay information that can be relayed through more immersive means.
It's ridiculous that we live in an era where game developers are more invested in telling a story and making a game look pretty with everything being so overly animated that you'd feel more in control watching a movie, and yet some games insist on just throwing a number into your view instead of giving you an actual flinching animation when you hit the enemies.

I know it's minor, but minor things build up. Want to know a game that gives some really good tactile feedback when fighting? Secrets of Grindea. The combat felt so fun in that game the first time I played it, I literally ended up grinding on the very first screen of the game!
Speaking of which, they should be finishing up development sometime this year hopefully. That'll be fun.

In other news, I recently made a game and released it on both GameJolt and Itch.io, and you can follow one of the links below to find it:
I'd really appreciate it if you gave it a look.