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Comic 71 - A Bit Too Obsessed

Posted on Tuesday, the 26th of November at 11:00 PM, 2013 in 2013

Author Notes:

DanVzare Tue, 26. Nov 11:00 PM, 2013 edit delete
As you may have noticed, I have changed the layout of my website a little bit, thanks to some advice from Iainoakley who suggested it. Now the website should work perfectly with resolutions of 1024x768. Mind you, I probably need to lower the resolution of the logo a little bit more, so you don't have to scroll down all the time to see the Next and Previous buttons. But I can do that at a later time. But feel free to comment on anything you think I need improving, and how I can do it.

Personally, I don't believe she made that map; it is way more likely she downloaded it and claimed it as her own. Still, you've got to admit, with what some people have made on Minecraft, they are probably spending way too much time on that game. I mean, you can get full scale duplicates of the Enterprise, the Deathstar, Hogwarts, as well as King's Landing, as a matter of fact; those are only the tips of the iceberg of finished full scale projects that you can download. I also know someone who's practically made himself an entire kingdom on Minecraft, entirely on his own, not to mention a fleet of ships. It never ceases to amaze me how much time someone can devote to Minecraft. The only complaint I really have though, is that I don't have their level of attention. Seriously, there are very few large projects I finish... on anything!

Although with what people have made on Minecraft, imagine what people would make if you gave them an infinite supply of Lego.
I think it would be safe to say that real-estate would become a lot cheaper… and bigger.