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Comic 73 - Mind Readers

Posted on Tuesday, the 10th of December at 11:00 PM, 2013 in 2013

Author Notes:

DanVzare Tue, 10. Dec 11:00 PM, 2013 edit delete
I went through several different dialogs for the second panel, but I didn't want anyone to think I was gay, so I went for "sucking on dirty underwear" since it sounds unbelievable.

I honestly can't be the only one who blurts out random untrue things in my head. I mean, it wasn't that long ago that I was talking to myself about how I robbed a bank and how I wondered if they would ever let me have a bank card because of it. I think it might be a reflex I've trained, to stop mind readers from ever getting anything useful from me.

Also, he doesn't have a big head because he's a mind reader. He just has an abnormally big head. Some people actually do have big heads, and we need to stop thinking that they're mind readers because of it.
(I'm having a joke if you can't guess)