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Comic 79 - The Zafehouse: Part 3

Posted on Tuesday, the 21st of January at 11:00 PM, 2014 in 2014

Author Notes:

DanVzare Tue, 21. Jan 11:00 PM, 2014 edit delete
So continuing on from last week. As I said, this is based on an actual event that happened on the game Zafehouse Dairies. I was fighting off a zombie horde, and trying to attract as many zombies as possible. Then some raiders suddenly appeared saying they wanted one of my guys. Of course I said no, because anybody who tried to enter or leave that building, was going to get ripped to shreds by zombies (there was a LOT of zombies). Anyway, after I said no to those raiders, they came into the safehouse and a my guys started shooting their guys. I managed to win, but they managed to kill one of mine (I think it was the one they were after as well). Honestly though, what is wrong with that game? How on earth could they have even got in, and what kind of idiots would fight while zombies are storming the building in large droves anyway? The creators of that game really need to work on those events. None the less, I found it rather funny at the time, and here I've put it into comic format for you. But of course I've made a few changes for the sake of comedy, and there is one more part left of this multi-parter. Which by the way, I hope you're looking forward to. If you're not liking this multi-parter or anything else, feel free to say. You'll technically be influencing the future of this webcomic.

Oh, by the way. Zafehouse diaries was quite a fun game. Not something I could play for days on end. But it definitely passed quite a few hours. I'd recommend getting it if you can get it dirt cheap and have an insatiable hunger for any zombie themed game. Seriously, I was expecting it to be complete and total garbage, but it was actually quite surprisingly fun. Stupid (not in the good way), but fun.