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Comic 8 - WTF Happened to Pokémon: Part 2

Posted on Tuesday, the 30th of April at 3:47 AM, 2013 in Pre-website Comics

Author Notes:

DanVzare Wed, 30. Apr 3:47 AM, 2014 edit delete
*This comic was submitted for the One Year Anniversary, and as such, is a remake of one of my older comics from the pre-website era*

First thing first, no I didn't throw my GameBoy Advance in the bin. Why on earth would you even think that?!?
And yes, someone actually thought this was a perfect recreation of a real event. Sigh...

Although I must admit, I was severely disappointed when I realized that I couldn't trade with Pokemon Crystal, Gold, or Silver!
The GameBoy Advance used the same link cable as the GameBoy and GameBoy Color. So it's only natural that I thought they would've implemented a similar thing they did on Gold, Silver and Crystal, with the time machine that allowed you to trade with an older game.

And let's not forget, that on the original games, you could only travel around Kanto. On Gold, Silver, and Crystal you could travel around Johto AND Kanto. So it's once again only natural that I thought you'd be able to travel around Johto, Kanto, and Hoenn in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. (I thought they were going to continue expanding the game's universe.)
Instead, all we got was a few new Pokemon, footsteps in the sand, and more colour!
Even the day and night system was taken out, which was weird, considering that time of day was still in.
It was really a step backwards. That being said, I did play the game... A LOT!

You can probably understand my disappointment when on Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, you could travel to those stupid islands. I mean seriously, come on! What about Johto!