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Comic 91 - Where's the markers!

Posted on Wednesday, the 16th of April at 12:00 AM, 2014 in 2014

Author Notes:

DanVzare Wed, 16. Apr 12:00 AM, 2014 edit delete
So, as soon as I started Thief 4, I instantly went into the options menu and turned off ALL of the little helpers that were introduced, so I could get a proper Thief experience. And then of course, I forgot all about them.

But one day, I wanted to know what all of those things did, so I put the game back on and started a new save, this time with all of them on. And the first thing I noticed (the only prominent change actually) was the waypoint marker telling me exactly where to go.

Did they reeeeeeaaaaaaally need to add that?
Are modern gamers seriously that dumb that they have no idea where to go without a marker?
Heck, the levels on Thief 4 are actually much smaller and linear than the levels on Thief 1 and 2, and I used to be able to wander around those levels with ease when I was a five year old kid. So, honestly, I find such a feature kind of a dumb idea.
What are they going to do next, add an infinite lives mode... oh wait, that got added in almost all games before I was even born.

This comic though, is trying to give you the image that game companies must have of the modern day gamer. An image of people who like cluttered screens, and with absolutely no idea of what to do without constant guidance.
The only problem is, this depiction is probably true. The majority of gamers are Casual Gamers nowadays, especially since games have become so popular and mainstream. The people who used to play games back in day are now considered "hardcore" even though in our eyes we're not. A hardcore gamer is someone who wants to struggle throughout every moment of the game, we just want to play a game to have fun, but not have it served on a silver platter with directions on exactly how to eat.

It's quite a shame when most games only cater to either the casual gamers (who make up the majority) or the hardcore gamers. Leaving people like me who are between both, with games that are either too frustratingly hard or too annoyingly easy.

Hmm, how did I get from talking about the Thief 4 screen markers, to about difficulty in games?
Ah well, I'll shut up now.

This comic is supposed to be more about being funny, and less about my opinions. So hopefully you laugh at it. If you don't, then clearly I'm doing something wrong, and must fix it, post-haste!

Enjoy and comment! :D